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With our range of support, you can get clarity and confidence that you’re going to enter the USA with the right plan in place, and when you get stuck along the way, you can reach out to mentors and fellow startups going through the same journey.

Learn from people who have been there and done that!
Matthew Henshaw Recruitment
Tom KraMer Product Design
Stacy Eichenlaub Marketing
Mark Swanson Regulatory
Jim Chessie Commercialisation
Edward Dougherty Reimbursement
Paul Graveline Commercialisation
Greg Rainey Commercialisation
Matt Kyle Logistics and Operations
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Webinar by Matthew Henshaw

There is a Right Way to Enter the USA

Webinar by Stacy Eichenlaub

How to plan for a successful US launch?

Aura Pyykönen MD and Annika Järvelin, Commercial Lead, Daring Birth

Client Testimonial

“Webinar offered inspiring guidance to the US market with very detailed, hands-on advice on how, when and where. It gave us useful insight of US healthcare ecosystem. Excellent for the ones taking very early steps of their process. Also, the setting enabled participants to ask very detailed questions about their individual situation and problems making the course very useful also for those further along in the process. We would definitely recommend this webinar for those considering to enter US market”

Aura Pyykönen, MD and Annika Järvelin, Commercial Lead, Daring Birth

US Insights

Market Insight Nov 07, 2022

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